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classworking1_01As Como Secondary College has become a multicultural school, over the past year we have been offering support classes for lower school students from other countries who have limited English skills that prevent them from achieving the best possible results in school. In these classes we have a mix of strengthening grammar and spelling skills, reading comprehension , conversations about issues, listening comprehension and ironing out pronunciation problems. The students come out of their normal timetable twice a week and spend the hours in small classes that are dedicated to giving support to these students so they can do the best that they can in other learning areas.

Each student is given plenty of opportunities to speak English in class without feeling embarrassed because of their limited oral skills. We have classroom discussions that are guided by the teacher so the students are able to express themselves in a small group situation. They feel less shy and become more inclined to participate in their mainstream classes as their confidence grows.

These students have been given a golden opportunity to practice and enrich their English skills in all aspects – Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing and Writing in small classes where each student must speak and write in every lesson, with nowhere to hide at the back of the room behind other students. Their learning experience comes with pride in their own achievement and they can transfer the skills they learn to their mainsteam classses and achieve better results overall.