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The Program

Our school-based enrichment program Create@Como offers students with aptitude in English and The Arts the opportunity to refine and build on their talents in a tailored, exciting and dynamic environment.

The Curriculum: the ‘Create’ student will study English Literature as their Major, with a minor in:

  • Performing Arts –Dance / Drama
  • Visual Arts—Media / Visual
  • Or Specialist Music*

*The only students able to study music must be in the Approved Specialist Music Program.

English Literature

As part of this program students study Literature 4 hours per week as a discrete group.

At Como, Literature refers to works of the creative imagination, including poetry, drama, fiction, and song. In their classes ‘Create’ students will analyse literature, learn to identify cause and effect and apply critical thinking skills. They will explore and apply their creativity and learn about their own culture and others’. They will learn to empathise with characters, to analyse contexts and to uncover historical and social ideologies.

The Arts

At Como, The Arts includes five disciplines: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music* and Visual Arts. In Years 7 and 8 ‘Create’ students will study Dance/Drama, and Media Arts/Visual Arts 2 hours per week for a semester. In Years 9 and 10 “Create” students will specialise in one of the disciplines for the year.

Additional opportunities for skill development and Project Based Learning will be provided during after school clubs.   During this time a broad range of extension and enrichment experiences will be offered to meet the needs of academically able students. These activities are designed to provide challenges to students in specific areas of ability or interest.


Create@Como promotes the 4 C’s of Literature and Arts Education:

  1. Critical Thinking and Reflection
  2. Collaboration
  3. Creativity
  4. Communication

The ‘Create’ student will be a willing, well-mannered and inquisitive individual, who enjoys the challenge of learning new and exciting techniques, reading a range of texts, and writing creatively and analytically. ‘Create’ students will be vibrant, collaborative, original and ready to learn.

A US based study, Critical Links (Deasy, 2002) provided a compendium of 62 research studies that explored the relationship between the cognitive capacities developed through learning and communicating in literature, dance, drama, music and the visual arts, and students’ academic and social skills. His major findings on the positive effects derived by those involved in cross curricula, English and Arts-rich education programs included:

  • positive achievements in reading, language and literacy development
  • evidence of increased higher order thinking skills and capacities
  • evidence of increased motivation to learn
  • improvements in effective social behaviours

(ACER report The Arts and Australian Education (2010))

Showcase & Exhibitions

As part of the Performing Arts (Dance, Music and Drama) all students are expected to participate in school, local, state and interstate performances and/or competitions as they arise.

Competitions,  Authors and Artists in residence.

Opportunities & Affiliates:

  • South Perth Library , Manning Library
  • Curtin University
  • South Perth Young Writers
  • Victoria Park Centre for the Arts
  • The Literature Centre (Fremantle)
  • Scribblers Festival
  • Writing WA for Young Writers
  • YohFest


The Application Form should be forwarded with all other supporting documentation to the Enrolments Officer. Exceptional circumstances may allow for late applications or midyear enrolment.

Supporting documentation to be included with application:

  • Year 5 NAPLAN results
  • Latest school Report (English – grade A or B)
  • A Portfolio (between 3 – 5 pages) that Includes:
    • one piece of creative writing
    • evidence of Arts (Drama, Dance,  Visual Art or Media) involvement/achievements (e.g. certificates, photographs, exams, performances, etc.)

Print evidence only, no DVDs or USBs

Applicants will be required to attend testing. On this day, students will be asked to complete a writing task within a set time, using an unseen prompt. 

It is essential the Create@Como student can demonstrate a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn new skills. Students are expected to remain in the program until Year 10.


The cost for the Create@Como course is $150 per school year (not including normal subject costs).

This money will go towards materials (e.g. oils, canvas, scripts), excursions and incursions.

For enrolment information and application closing dates visit the Enrolments pages or contact the College on 93652000