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The School Board, formerly known as the College Council, plays a crucial role in the affairs of the College. The School Board establishes the mission/vision of the College, plans, future directions and reviews all elements of the College plan.

The Como Secondary College School Board is an incorporated body and has a representative membership made up of 5 elected parents (one of whom is a nominee of the P&C), 4 elected staff of the school, 1 community representative and the Principal.

The period of tenure for members elected on the 17th March is two years.

Members of the public are invited to the annual meeting, as it is a forum in which to raise questions and issues concerning the College.

For further information, please call the Principal, Digby Mercer, at the College on 9365 2000.

Julie ThompsonPresident
Digby MercerPrincipal
Jo MayTreasurer
Dale Harris Secretary
Jessica Colleu
Glenn Dickson
Pat Pinkus
Paul Gebhard
Jesvin KarimiP&C representative