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img-sailing_01Como builds promising futures for our students through providing an excellent education and a rich range of curricula and extra-curricular opportunities. Central to the students’ experience at Como is a school culture that promotes learning. The school is driven by the deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning and that it is the responsibility of every teacher to ensure that all students progress. At Como every student matters. As a school and as teachers we don’t give up on students – we constantly explore new ways to engage students who are not making progress. The personal and familial attributes and circumstances relating to a student are not viewed as excuses for a student’s lack of academic and/or social progress. Instead they are viewed as challenges to be overcome.

This school embraces the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing world to change lives for the better. Students receive every assistance to overcome obstacles to learning. The school and classroom environments are safe, respectful, tolerant, inclusive and promote intellectual rigour. Students are friendly and polite. There is a strong collegial culture of mutual trust and support among teachers and school leaders, and positive, caring relationships between staff, parents and students.

Como Teachers

Como is emerging as one of Western Australia’s outstanding secondary schools based on the excellence of its teaching and pastoral care. Four principles underlie decision-making within the school and need to form the core of every staff member’s belief and practice. The four principles are:

  1. Improving student performance is the responsibility of the teacher.
  2. No deficit model
  3. Role modelling of positive behaviours
  4. Presume positive intent.

Como Students

Como students are charged with the responsibility:

To be the best they can be.

They must seek knowledge and understanding and develop a broad range of skills.

Through knowing what is right, knowing what is truth, and knowing what is beautiful, they will be empowered through realizing their own personal vision for the future.

This in turn will enhance their own quality of life and ensure that they can participate and contribute as responsible, critical, tolerant and ethical members of the wider community.

Como Parents

Parents and caregivers are vital participants in the shared vision of Como Secondary College.

Many parents are productively engaged in the work of the school and positively support the wide range of programs which include national and overseas tours and school involvement in carnivals and competitions.

As committed parents they regularly take the time to listen and talk with their children, supporting them with the provision of a set time and quiet place for homework, and they keep involved with the learning progress of their children.

Parents and teachers form the team which is dedicated to helping children become knowledgeable, responsible and articulate men and women who can make important contributions to strengthening our democratic society.