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School Logo

In 2001, it was decided that the college image and sense of identity was looking somewhat ‘dated’ and old fashioned, and so the then Principal; Ross Sweeney, decided to start with a re-vamp of the school logo.

Creating an open design competition available to all students, parents, teachers, and the graphic design students at Central TAFE and Curtin University, a $500 prize was offered for a winning design. After receiving almost a hundred entries, a Curtin University design student was declared the eventual winner from a short list chosen by the Student Council of 2001.

His design incorporates the “CSC” of the college name in it’s form, as well as acknowledging the legacy of past school logos with the use of the Swan shape, and finally the location of the college adjacent to the Swan River in Perth, with the free flowing body of the swan.

House Logos

In 2008 a call was put out for students to choose an animal character to represent their House Group and for designs to be submitted. Quite a few were received and from the submitted designs, new logos were devised.

Winners for the concept competition were – Jessica Whittle (Flame), Perth Sookwam (Pine) and Vicky Chuaybamrung (Jacaranda)

They are the:

  • PINE: Lions
  • JACARANDA: Joeys
  • FLAME: Phoenix

These Logos will now be used to represent each of the House Groups in official correspondence, badges for House Captains, T-shirt prints and so on.

House Mascots

Following the design of the initial logos for the house groups it was decided to go and create entire mascot characters to represent each House Group. Teacher Sean Ellery was approached to design these as he has had a connection with the comic book industry.

Mr Ellery first contacted a number of professional comic book artists that he knows in the industry. These included David Finch ( who has the X-Men to his credit), Jonboy Meyers (drawer of Spiderman) and Andie Tong (a Perth artist who has drawn He-Man: Masters of the Universe in the past). While David Finch wasn’t available at all, Jonboy Meyers and Andie Tong offered to take on the commission – BUT! – Unfortunately they weren’t available until mid-September due to their ongoing work committments, which was too late for us.

Jonboy Meyers however recomended a person named Randy Kintz, who was also known to Mr Ellery, and when approached agreed to take on the job. Randy Kintz has drawn professionally for Bluewater Productions on the “Legend of Isis” series in the past.

After a series of rough drafts, the final Black and White designs were approved and Mr Ellery then took on the job of colouring the pictures, which is his connection within the comic book industry. Once that job was done they could then be sent to the printers to be turned into the 3 metre high banners that can now be seen in the school Gym.

House Wallpapers